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Thursday, January 5th 2006

4:21 PM

Happy New Year from Buenos Aires

  • Who: Russ & Trish
  • Weather: Very hot and humid but cloudy at times. We are not getting as much sunbathing in!
Happy New Year everyone. Once again the festivities were at a minimum here in BA. New Years' Eve is a time to spend with families and then set the night on fire with fireworks and loud bangs! For us it was a peaceful evening until mdnight when the sky was ablaze with rockets.

We have made a couple of excursions away from BA this week.

La Plata was around 90 minutes away on the train. The city is designed in a grid formation with various diagonal boulevards cutting across. The most confusing thing there was the street names, or rather numbers, so you had to look for the intesection of Street 45 with Street 202. How unimaginitive is that! The highlight of La Plata was undoubtedly the Cathedral. Its museum is situated down among the catacombs and crypts which also houses an art gallery. The best part though was ascending in the lift in the Torre de Jesus to get a view of the city from above.

We also got a train out to Tigre, situated on the delta of the Rio Parana. We took a boat trip out for an hour and a half around some of the delta's waterways, browsed the excellent craft shops and walked alongside the river on the other side of town. There is also a theme park and casino for us to try another time.

La Plata's cathedral was beautiful

The view from the top wasn't bad

The artist's work on display in the gallery featured a lot of triangles!

Other civic buildings in La Plata were picturesque too

A boat trip in Tigre to the delta

Buenos Aires comes into view where the delta meets the Rio de la Plata

Houses, schools, police stations, everything!

Water skiing on the muddy brown water

One of the many rowing clubs
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Posted by Vaughn Go:

We have never been to South America, although a lot of teachers we know have taught there. The beautiful architecture of the cathedral and your great shots of Buenos Aires makes me want to at least come and visit. :)
Sunday, February 19th 2006 @ 7:23 PM

Posted by Melvyn:

Fantastic account & pics almost better than being there, not!!
Lok forwards to seeing you both and the full version. Jealous Melvyn & menna:(:)
Monday, January 9th 2006 @ 1:55 PM

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