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Thursday, March 16th 2006

6:00 PM

Arts and entertainment in BA

  • Who: Russ & Trish
  • Weather:

We have been busy!

Seeing Oasis at the polo fields was a great experience (for Russ anyway!). We were right near the front but the crush of 45,000 others behind us got to much so we beat a sensible retreat!!

We have had a tango lesson! It went well but we don´t know if we are yet ready to tackle a street dance festival called a Milango. We saw one at the end of Buenos Aires Tango Week which was interesting to say the least.

We have also been trying to see some museums and galleries. There´s certainly some strange stuff out there. The modern art place was good inplaces and downright weird in others! We saw a great photography exhibition in the Centro Cultural Borges and also popped our heads into a modern art sculpture display - very odd! The train museum was good but a bit old and dusty and certainly one for enthusiasts rather than casual onlookers.

Sadly the museum of foreign debt (serious!) and the police forensic museum are both still closed.

Oasis were good, you can make out Liam Gallagher on the big screen!

The street milonga, we will join in one day!

Strange artworks

Some of it is nice and bright

Deeply moving?

The train museum

It had a great collection of typewriters

And also an extraordinary collection of porcelain!!

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