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Tuesday, July 25th 2006

1:57 AM

Moving On

The time has come to say adios to this bravenet journal.

The continuation of our travels can now be found at  Travelblog

So long Bravenet, and thanks for all the fish!
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Sunday, July 2nd 2006

11:51 PM

Temaiken - a wonderful zoo

  • Who: Russ & Trish
Temaiken is about an hour or so from BA on a local bus and is a zoo-cum-animal-sanctuary. We had a fabulous time warmed by the winter sunshine. The interactive zones give you a chance to learn about Argentina's wildlife, the aquarium was excellent, but Trish hated the bats!

Pretty flamingo

Meerkat observation

A seriously endangeres White Bengal Tiger

A shark swims by in the aquarium

Seeing the gators underwater was unusual

But Russ, the giraffe obsession HAS to stop!!
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Saturday, July 1st 2006

11:29 PM

Our World Cup runneth (is) over!

  • Who: Russ
  • Mood:
  • Thoughts: Rooney - calm down!
So, once again, England fail miserably on penalties in the last 8 of the World Cup. it was very interesting being here in Argentina though. They celebrated every victory as though they had won the trophy and crowds gathered to celebrate at the city's obelisko.

We had to teach our American friends a thing or two about the passion of the beautiful game but even they were left heartbroken by Argentina's dramatic demise and, hopefully, by England's too. Russ was devastated once again, but it reminded him of an idiomatic phrase to teach his students - "to feel gutted"!

Paper is ripped up and thrown in the air to celebrate every goal.
During Argentina's 6-0 win against Serbia & Montegro there was lots of it!
We left a 10 peso tip to help with the cleaning up!!!!

The stress of a penalty shoot-out was just too much for Mark (in white)

The Germans sat quietly in the corner but inside I bet they were ecstatic.
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Saturday, June 17th 2006

11:19 PM

Out and about in San Telmo

We spent a glorious day revisiting the San Telmo area of the city.

There was a classic car rally in town which was very interesting to see. The old cars looked as though they would fall apart as they rattled along the cobbled streets!

We also saw some odd statues today!

John, Paul, George and Ringo? 4 old beetles!

A bit eccentric eh!

There are lots of murals around San Telmo.
This one commemorates the "Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo"

A common sight in BA, hot nuts for sale.

Equally ubiquitous - popcorn sellers.

If anyone can explain this one, please do!

An interesting statue.....

....but "Insert Coin Here" is going a bit far!!
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Sunday, June 4th 2006

9:59 PM

Feria de Mataderos

  • Who: Russ & Trish
  • Weather:
    Sunny again!
On the outskirts of the city we visited the "Feria de Mataderos" where lots of local handicrafts and foods from around Argentina are on display. The food was fabulous and the handicrafts were much better than anything we had seen nearer the city centre.

Throughout the afternoon there were singers on stage celebrating the Salta region of Argentina. The dancers were pretty good too, both on the stage and in the street.

The kids did look happier than this once they got going!

Singing Salta songs including high pitched ululations!

The bearer of the national flag

Dancing in the street

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Saturday, May 27th 2006

9:50 PM

Military Day in Buenos Aires

  • Who: Russ & Trish
  • Thoughts:
Trish and I went along to the military polo fields for their open day. It was a fascinating insight into the Argentine military system with recruitment stalls for various regiments and even an anti-aircraft gun for the kids to play on!

We were also treated to a spectacular show beginning with the massed bands which were excellent. We saw cavalry demonstrations, a mock 19th Century battle (against the English, curiously defended by Scots Guards), helicopter raids and plenty of gunpowder smoke thanks to the cannons.

The massed bands of the Argentine armed forces (part of them anyway!)

The mounted band

A mock battle with victory for Argentina

The cannon roared loud!

A spectaculary cavalry charge

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Wednesday, May 24th 2006

7:01 PM

They think it's all over...........

  • Who: Russ & Trish
.....well, it sort of is!

We have had a month away from Buenos Aires catching up with friends and family in the UK which was great.

Now we are back in BA, about to get working hard with teaching English, and moving into an apartment tomorrow.

We will put entries on the journal whenever we do anything really interesting so keep checking just in case!

England's Green and Pleasant Land (plus the rape plants which made me sneeze!)
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Monday, April 17th 2006

10:09 PM

Tierra Santa - The Holy Land!

  • Who: Russ & Trish
  • Thoughts:
    Was this place for real?
Just to the North of the city centre is one of the mostt bizarre attractions we have ever visited. Tierra Santa  (the Holy Land) is a kind of religious theme park where you can see recreations of various biblical scenes.

As it was Easter Saturday the hourly resurrection was cancelled. They were presumably having extras on Sunday! Seriously, that's what it was like!!!

The Holy Land transported to Buenos Aires

Would you Adam 'n' Eve it? Genesis - The Creation

Mock crucifiction anyone?!!

Can I carry your cross m'Lord? Looks a bit on the heavy side!!!
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Monday, April 10th 2006

11:47 PM

Iguazu falls

  • Who: Russ & Trish
  • Mood:
    The trip´s nearly over!

With only a week until we go home (albeit only for a month) we decided to finish with a highlight and head up to the Iguazu Falls for the weekend.

Our flight was cancelled so the airline put us up in a hotel and fed us well. We didn´t miss out on anything though and had plenty of time to explore the 3 Frontiers area where you can see both Brazil and Paraguay from the safety of Argentina.

The falls themselves were breathtaking. The camera really can´t do them justice and they are our "must see" of Argentina so far. We did two trips. On day one we went to Brazil and you got an idea of just what a big area these falls were covering. The next day we were taken around the Argentine of the National Park. We finished off getting very wet with a trip on the river which took us underneath one of the falls! Good job we had a change of clothes with us.

The 3 Frontiers

Standing by a waterfall

Not our boat, but we went on one. That was wet!


Niagara eat your heart out

Stunning, the only watçy to describe it.

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Tuesday, April 4th 2006

11:41 PM

Mar del Plata

  • Who: Russ & Trish
  • Weather:

A weekend at the seaside and our first glimpse of the ocean in months! We were lucky with the sunny weather but the wind kept us off the beach most of the time.

We were there for a public holiday to commemorate 30 years since trhe military juntas took control of the country. There were parades and demonstrations all over the place.

Near the docks there is a sealion colony. They were noisy and smelly but great to see.

The beautiful seafront. We had dinner on the pier.
The fresh bream was superb.

Smelly sealions.

Bright orange trawlers.

Colourful protest band at the rally.

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