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Monday, February 20th 2006

3:09 PM

Moving times

  • Who: Russ & Trish
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Moving times indeed, in more ways than one. We have changed apartments again shaving more than a bit off the monthly expenses. That now makes Buenos Aires affordable!

We also visited the very moving Shaom museum of the Holocaust which was excellent. Inside there is a miniature mock-up of the set from the film “The Pianist” set in the ghettos during the Warsaw uprising. A lot of exhibits have been borrowed from Auschwitz or the New York Holocaust museum. It was quite strange having to take your passport with you to enter a museum though.

We tried to visit the “Tierra del Santos” religious theme park but we got the opening times wrong! Instead we had a wander around some parks including the memorial garden dedicated to the missing victims of the military juntas of the 1970s.

Culturally we have not been inactive either and we did a backstage tour of the Teatro Colon which currently has no live theatre because of the summer break. It was amazing to see the sets being constructed, backdrops being painted and the incredible collection of 20,000 sets of shoes and 90,000 costumes.

Shaom - the BA Holocaust Museum

In the memorial park Trish examines the sculptures

Photos of the missing people

The last night in our high rise apartment

Outside the Teatro Colon
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